exhibition of Patrícia Kaliczka painter & Tamás Melkovics sculptor


It creates an interesting context, new connections and knowledge when two artists are exhibiting at the same place. At the exhibition Patrícia Kaliczka’s paintings and Tamás Melkovics’s sculptures are getting into an interaction through new connection points. The focus is on through the artist’s newest works highlight the personal motivation, show the creative process based on conscious and subconscious phases. Both of them have a characteristic visual design world and in their work the key role is to examine the conscious change and the process of development. Their works through the language of painting and sculpture are presenting the changes, the process of being something. Tamás Melkovics is sculptor with modular elements, resembling plant organisms or with an anthropomorphic character we can observe the constant change and development of nature. In the works of Patrícia Kaliczka painter its evolves a series of self-portraits with overlapping layers, stadiums of gradual self-disclosure, the continuous unfolding of the layers of universal human existence.

Curator I Zsofia Hidasi textile artist, art director


Photos I Dávid Bíró